Please reach out if you have questions, custom quote or booking inquiries. We respond within a few hours. 


Usually within 24hrs and most times same day, depending on project start time and post work required (Infotags, Labels walk through, etc)

Usually 1-3 days ( 2 on average). We order these floorplans from Matterport and another third party provider so we have no control on when they’re ready. The pandemic has also caused some delays from time to time. You can always email us [email protected] for an update. 

We respectfully ask for cancellations or reschedules to be made at least 24 hours prior to your booking. This will ensure that a cancelation fee of $75 is waived.

The fee will be assessed in any of the following events:

  1. Cancellation / Reschedule within the 24-hour window prior to photo shoot.
  2. If for any reason we can’t proceed with the scan due to fault by client or their representative(s)
  3. Incorrect lock-box code
  4. Agent shows up more than 25 mins late or not at all.
  5. Access not allowed by concierge.
  6. Property not ready for photo shoot, etc.

Yes, we require a $50 deposit to  hold your appointment.  It iwll be deducted from final payent


The Matterport cameras are designed for scanning inside and outside scans are not supported. Most often we capture exteriors of properties with 360 panoramic photos that we then attach to the main virtual tour.

However, it is possible to scan exteriors continuously with the main tour and achieve  great results like the images below. 

In order to achieve this, you have to be strategic and scan in low light conditions outside. As the sun and other bright light sources interfere with the camera’s infrared sensors. Hence why it’s not supported and usually produces improper scans and views.
It’s recommended to scan during “Civil Twilight”,which is defined as 30 minutes before sunrise, and 30 minutes after sunset – when the sun is below the horizon but you can still see outside clearly. So next time you book a scan of a property with a beautiful exterior that you want captured as such.Be mindful of the timing as it may or may not be possible. Main thing is, we don’t want to charge you to come back ;).


The AEC bundle is ready when the virtual tour is , so usually wihtin 24hrs. 

Other files particularly DWG are ordered from another provider so usually 1-3days(2 on average)

All of the 3D virtual tours are hosted by Matterport, One year of hosting is included with each service. If you need extended hosting, please contact us for a quote.

Your property should be  cleaned and de-cluttered before the scan. It should be staged and in “open-house’ condition. The camera will capture everything as is and it cannot be edited out later. 

Please also have all the lights on and window coverings open.  

 Embedding a model is very straightforward: it’s similar to embedding a YouTube video. We will provide you with the HTML code to copy and paste in. You can also use a standard html link on websites, in emails and anywhere else web links are used.

Complete instructions can be found here. Which we will send again along with the embed code of your tour. 

No, Matterport models are stored on the Matterport servers and are only accessible via an Internet connection.

It’s important that no people or pets be in the property during the scanning process. However if if that’s not possible we can work around you but we will have to charge extra for any additional time. 

 Matterport models cannot be edited to remove or adjust what was scanned. That is why it’s important to make sure the property is left in the condition you want it in the tour.