Immersive Contextualized Experience(I.C.E)


SPAC3D-VR's 3D Assets Marketplace

Your digital twin is now a canvas to tell a story with. Add 3D assets that provide more context, for an even more immersive experience. Showcase yourself, your brand, new products or whatever else you want potential customers to see, without them even stepping foot in your property. 


Business Cards

3D Logos


ICE Features

                                                           These three features combined or separately elevate the 3D virtual tour experience

3D Assets

Your brand, Your Vision, Brought to life.

Brand Strategy

Whether it's your logo or branded merchandise we can use our virtual tours as a canvas for 3D creations.

Location Based Audio

Grab users attention by telling your story

Audio Guided Experience

Each scan spot within the tour can trigger a separate audio clip as users navigate there.

Media Assets

Lights, Camera, Action

Pictures & Videos

Strategically add branded videos and graphical content anywhere within the tour to further showcase your business or yourself.

Product Mockups
Launching new items in your store? Get a 3D mockup of it in a digital twin of your store.
Letting Agent Branding
Put a face to your exclusive listings with signs, strategically placed business cards and any other marketing collateral you can think off.
Guided Interactive Tour
Create an engaging narrated experience for users while utilizing creative 3D assets that tell your story.


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